About SOP-T

About SOP-T



Short description:


The Sectoral Operational Programme "Transport" (SOP-T) 2007-2013 is a strategic instrument elaborated based on the objectives of the National Strategic Reference Framework, which establishes the priorities, the objectives and financial allocation for the development of the transport sector in Romania with community aid, in the period 2007 - 2013.


Specific objectives:


  • Modernization and development of the TEN-T priority axes, with the implementation of the measures necessary for the environment protection
  • Modernization and development of the national transport infrastructure, in accordance with the sustainable development principles
  • Promotion of the rail transport, waterborne and intermodal transport
  • Supporting the development of the sustainable transport by minimizing the adverse effects of transport on the environment and the improvement of the traffic safety and human health.

The Sectoral Operational Programme "Transport" is structured on four priority axes, which include the areas of intervention within which transport projects can be financed:


  • Priority Axis 1 (3,854.87 MEUR) - Modernization and development of the TEN-T priority axes, with a view to the development of a sustainable transport system and to its integration with the EU transport networks
  • Priority Axis 2 (1,397.30 MEUR) - Modernization and development of the national transport infrastructure outside the TEN-T priority axes, with a view to the creation of a sustainable national transport system
  • Priority Axis 3 (322.89 MEUR) - Modernization of the transport sector aiming at higher degree of environmental protection, human health and passenger safety
  • Priority Axis 4 (122.58 MEUR) - Technical Assistance for SOP-T


The total budget is of approximately 5,7 Billion EUR, out of which:


Cohesion Fund and European Regional Development Fund: 4,57 Billion EUR
State Budget: 1,09 Billion EUR


The main beneficiaries of the Sectoral Operational Programme "Transport" are the national administrations of the railway, road transport and infrastructures, and the national and regional administrations of the airport infrastructure. The operators of the public rail passenger transport can also be potential beneficiaries under the priority axis no. 2.

The Sectoral Operational Programme "Transport" has been adopted by the European Commission on July 12th, 2007 by means of the Decision no. 3469 dated July 12th, 2007 for the adoption of the operational programme "Transport" of community aid from the part of the European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund, in accordance with the "Convergence" objective in the regions of Romania.

In order to view the official SOP-T document, the relevant legislation and the implementation system, please access the sections: Documentation, Implementation System and Legislation.



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